Japan 1-0 Cameroon – Video Highlights

Japan 1-0 Cameroon
2010 FIFA World Cup
14 June 2010

Cameroon would get the better chances, more possession, and generally look more dangerous but it was Japan who ended up with the victory on Monday afternoon in the 2010 World Cup.

Japan had few chances but would convert one chance and then hold onto their lead for three points. The goal was scored by Keisuke Honda in the 39th minute as he received a cross in the box, gathered the ball, and then scored from close range. It was poor defending from Cameroon and Honda had plenty of time to set up his shot.

Cameroon’s chance of making it to the knockout stage have dropped a bit with the loss. Their next two matches are against Denmark and the Netherlands where they will probably need at least four points to have a chance of advancing. Japan will likely need only a draw or one more victory to get second place in the group.

Japan 1-0 Cameroon Video Highlights

Japan 1-0 Cameroon – (Honda) 39′

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