Jalen Hurts Hopes First Matchup Of Black QB’s At Super Bowl “Inspires”

Mahomes Hurts
Mahomes Hurts

This years Super Bowl will see two black quarterbacks throwing for the first time in history, in a game that Jalen Hurts hopes will inspire the next generation of QB’s.

Hurts addressed the historic moment that will come this Sunday when he spoke at the start of Super Bowl week, hoping that it inspires future generations to play the sport.

“The first time for two [Black QBs] to go head-to-head, that’s uplifting the next generation of quarterbacks.

“It’s a historic moment. It’s a historic moment. I feel like it gives a ton of people back home something to look forward to. It’s telling kids that maybe if someone is telling them they can’t do something, that it can be done. It’s great to be a part of history.”

“That four-year-old, five-year-old kid back in Houston, back in Philly, back in Texas, Louisiana, wherever across the world, it shows that regardless of what someone may say or have an opinion about you, you can do it.

“I value the platform I have, I’m sure like Pat does, as well. We just want to inspire the next people.”

Hurts will line up for his first Super Bowl this Sunday and following playoff defeat in 2021, the favourites to lift the Vince Lombardi this year will be eager to get the job done and earn a first Super Bowl title since 2018.

Things wont be easy for the Eagles however, as the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes will be out for revenge after losing the last time they made it all the way to the Super Bowl in 2021.

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