Is this Martin Jol’s last season at Tottenham?

There has been a lot of speculation in the press recently about Martin Jol’s future at Tottenham, including reports that the Tottenham board has sounded out Juande Ramos and Jurgen Klinsmann as potential replacements as Tottenham manager.

I DON’T think that the board will be so rash as to replace Jol after giving him this much money to spend, but on the other hand if they feel that Jol is not doing the job that he should be doing and if they see this season as THE season (seeing United’s problems there’s no reason why Spurs shouldn’t think that they have a good chance), then they might take action quickly.

I’m not convinced, but for the sake of argument let’s consider the possibility of Ramos or Klinsmann being contacted with a view towards one of them coming to White Hart Lane. In my view both of these managers would have been sounded out for next season and not this one.

Should Ramos come to Tottenham? If he sticks around in Spain for another season, he could probably get a shot at either the Barcelona or the Real Madrid job. He’s got Champions League football to be a part of, after winning two consecutive Uefa Cups. I don’t see a manager leaving that behind to go to a new team AFTER the season has started and with the transfer season over (or almost over), especially a team that’s not in the Champions League.

Klinsmann – well-loved, good trainer and tactician (from what we saw of Germany in the World Cup that is) but in terms of experience he would be a gamble.

Don’t see any manager being called in like this on such a knee-jerk reaction, don’t see either manager agreeing to come like this either, and I really don’t see Jol doing too badly compared to the last two seasons. 5th spot may or may not come, and CL football may or may not come but Tottenham are pretty sure to get into Europe again and that in itself, in the long run, is a very good accomplishment.

As for the ‘can Martin Jol take Tottenham to the Champions League’ question, that’s a whole different story and right now, not relevant. Right now, Tottenham are thinking of taking 3 points from Manchester United at Old Trafford, and while it might have been ‘possible’ in the past, they would surely be fancying their chances now.

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