Is Dimitar Berbatov looking for that “dream” move to Real Madrid?

The sight of Dimitar Berbatov sulking around the pitch/bench/training ground has been a defining image of English football for the past year. And we all knew exactly the reason why he was being such a grumpy Bulgar at Tottenham. Now he has his “dream” move to Manchester United, why is he still as miserable as sin? Surely life on those massive wages and Champions League football cannot be that bad.

The striker scored his first goals for Manchester United last night in the Champions League victory over AaB Aalborg last night, and yet the nearest he got to a display of emotion after breaking his duck for his “dream” club was a bit of a smirk.

The only things we can think of are:

1. It was all so easy for him and put on a plate for him by defenders that the goals were not worth celebrating.
2. He will only celebrate when he is wearing the true red shirt of Manchester United and not a substandard blue one.
3. He thinks he looks like that famous Eric Cantona celebration when King Eric just stood there as if to say: “You all know I’m the man.” Berbatov just ends up looking like he is thinking: “You all know I’m a moron.”
4. The wind changed at White Hart Lane one day and his face is stuck looking like that.
5. Goals against Aalborg just aren’t worth celebrating. Only goals against proper teams are worthy of Berbabrations.
6. He is angling for the dream move to Real Madrid. The move to Old Trafford was to compare notes with Cristiano Ronaldo.
7. He misses Tottenham. He has made a terrible mistake and he wants them to take him back.

Any other theories?

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