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Iraq banned, Doncaster promoted, Capello is in lala-land and more

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For Doncaster and Leeds United supporters, Sunday was an eventful day. For everybody else it was a complete bore from a football perspective. It was so bad that English tabloids, otherwise known for their integrity and professionalism, had to resort to outrageous transfer speculation to fill their pages.

Luckily, Monday morning has made up for yesterday’s lack of activity. So, apart from the League One playoff final, there are some other stories to report as well. Iraq makes football headlines as does Mourinho (surprise!), the first major transfer of the summer is finally announced and Capello is delusional.

First off, congratulation to Doncaster fans! Their team has done the impossible and beat a team owned by Ken Bates. And apparently, they deserved the victory too. Well it will surely stop here for Bates; the old man should call it a day and move to the South Pole for his own safety. This club has only moved in one direction since he bought it and that is downward.

Next up, Iraq does it again! Their national football team has attracted the attention of the world, but this time it is not good news for the Asian champions. They have been banned for a whole year from international competition by FIFA. Apparently the Iraq government dissolved their FA which is a major faux pas.

Sepp Blatter will now try to put pressure on the Iraq government to reverse their decision while the Iraq government will try to convince FIFA to reverse their decision. Good luck with that one, lads! But I still do not understand what the national government and FIFA have to do with each other? Oh well… Iraq have until to May 29 to put their FA back into place if they want to continue their World Cup qualification campaign.

Breaking news now!! Jose Mouinho has still not signed a deal with Inter Milan, not officially, anyway. Portuguese newspapers think that the deal has been signed, sealed but not delivered as in: ‘the media doesn’t know it yet (but we do!)’. The rumoured deal would pay the Portuguese maestro about €9 million per year. That should be enough to feed his family with good omelets.

And, the moment we have all been waiting for; the first major transfer of the summer. Barcelona have signed Sevilla midfielder Keita for €14 million. I know, it is not as exciting as we thought it would be. Now one has to wonder, how will Guardiola pick his team next season? He has Yaya, Xavi, Iniesta, Marquez and now Keita to pick from. Now that will be a pleasant head-ache.

Lastly, the news item of the day: Fabio Capello is delusional. He has targeted the World Cup final for his England team in South Africa in two years time. Now, English people are going to have to excuse me here, but how on earth is Capello going to get this bunch of players to take him to the World Cup final?

Sure they are a talented bunch, but the way they are playing these days, they would have trouble beating Leeds. And back to Leeds again, England call-up Joe Lewis will play against Bates’ team next year as his Peterborough have just won promotion to League One. Congratulations are in order for Lewis’ fantastic achievement and if he really is England-good then we should see more of him.

Well, that is all for, er, yesterday. Nothing interesting, I told you, but still: Fabio Capello can be quite funny at times. And who knows, maybe Mourinho will eventually sign another contract…

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