Interview with Barcelona’s Lander Unzueta

Football Media has covered an interview of FC Barcelona’s Chief Marketing Officer, Lander Unzueta, who talks at length about Barcelona’s unique place in football and how the club is actively working in growing its brand and fanbase (increasing commercial assets) while staying involved in social causes.

It’s a bit dry if you’re not interested in boardroom marketing yarns, but given the cohesion of their public message with their actions off the pitch (and with men like Guardiola leading them on the pitch), it’s no surprise that Barcelona have become such a popular club. Even if you are cynical and classify their social commitments as mere PR work (almost every big club has a focused strategy on helping under-privileged children or other social causes), you have to admit that Barcelona play the social card really, really well.

It helps that they’re winning titles though – and these are good times for F.C. Barcelona. They have just won Spain’s La Liga title, and an incredible six pieces of silverware from the last two seasons alone.

Fans and critics alike are lauding Pep Guardiola’s team as the best ever, with its breathtaking blend of sexy football, individual and team brilliance, and a hunger that is second to none.

All this success gives Barcelona added leverage in promoting their brand to a global audience and competing with the likes of Manchester United, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich for the loyalty (and eventually the money) of hundreds of millions of football fans around the world.

See the Football article on Lander Unzueta for more, and you can catch the full interview on

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