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Inexperienced Ince to manage Blackburn Rovers



Congratulations are in order – both to Paul Ince and to Blackburn Rovers.

Whichever way you look at it, this is a bold move by both Ince and Rovers. Ince is thrust into the limelight, as a black manager (you know that’s going to get played by the media), as an inexperienced manager and as a former England international. Rovers are taking a calculated risk – in Ince they’ve gone for personality rather than pedigree, and it remains to be seen if they’ll be as lucky as they were with Hughes.

With Ince Rovers have gone with another former Premier League footballer who has, like Hughes, played abroad and like Hughes, is a strong character able to inspire respect and passion in those around him. He’s been given 3 years – and he will have to learn the ropes very quickly with teams around Blackburn constantly improving themselves in personnel.

Can Ince improve on what Hughes has built? What do you guys think?