In 7 Days I Will Own a Football Club

Yesterday, I received this email:

Dear Ahmed,

Over 27,000 MyFootballClub members are one week from buying a 75% stake in Ebbsfleet United Football Club.

Members have seven days to authorise the agreement to take control of Ebbsfleet United.

Thank you,

The MyFootballClub Team

What? In 7 days I am going to own a football club? Awesome!

According to this Beeb article (I haven’t logged in to register my official vote yet, but I will), the first “Internet” team selection is scheduled for March, which is probably the time needed to sort out the technical / logistical issues (right…) but in any case is a real bummer for those potential club shareholders who wanted to help Ebbsfleet start winning now – I mean, come on, the club is 3 points off a promotion spot, surely they need help now more than they’d need help in March?

At least the manager will have funds in January thanks to the sale – but I’m pretty sure (from what I’ve read so far) that the new shareholders will have no say in those transfers, but hey, I could be wrong and we could have a couple of days to approve transfers next week.

Liam Daish’s contract (the manager, silly) will be extended by a year to the end of the 2008/09 season as part of the deal – apparently we don’t get say in who stays manager for over an year. I wonder if there’s a way to start a motion to change managers in May – I’d like someone more famous please, the kind of young manager who loves the spotlight that the Internet-owned Ebbsfleet will give him and is moderately good at what he does too.

In any case, new manager or not, say in transfers and team selections or not, I’m buying Ebbsfleet club. Although if the fans say no (more than 50% of the 27k members have to vote yes, and I think they’ll get an overwhelming YES), it’s going to be a hilarious situation 🙂

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