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Huth sets sights on Middlesbrough



Gareth Southgate, controversial though his selection as team manager as been, has already had a positive impact on Boro’s fortunes. His first signing – beating Wigan and Everton in the process – will be Robert Huth from Chelsea. The young German defender has been around forever it seems (he’s only 20) and after several years of not breaking into the first team has been allowed to talk with other clubs. Chelsea earlier agreed on an undisclosed deal with Boro (estimated to be more than 5.5 mil, as Wigan had already bid 5.5), which left Huth to sort things out with Southgate and co.

Things seem to have gone well, as Huth has stated that though there’s no time to negotiate during the World Cup, he is set on joining Riverside where he feels that Southgate, being a centre-back himself, would help his career move forward.