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How To Start a Fight During a Football Match (Kerlon Video)



Update: Here’s the video – man you can really piss people off with this…

Some players do it by taunting their opponents verbally – Marco Materazzi for one called Zidane’s sister a whore, and caused the most memorable incident of the 2006 World Cup. Others do it by elbow smashing their opponents (Ben Thatcher) or scything down opponents out of revenge (Roy Keane).

Kerlon (the Seal Dribble kid) does it by bouncing the ball on his head. From the video you’ll see below, he’s been kicked and shoulder-blocked while doing the Seal Dribble because opponents don’t know how to stop him and also because such showboating is taken as an insult.

The move is definitely one that can frustrate opponents and in a tense situation it’s liable to provoke a brawl – and that’s what happened during the Cruziero – Atletico Minero derby (a match that Cruziero won 4-3, but who cares?) when near the end of the game Kerlon took matters to his head and pulled his Seal Dribble, causing a Atletico player to cut him down with an ugly tackle and with the offending defender sent off, the situation resulted in a brawl involving over a dozen players.

Now since I don’t get the Brazilian championship on local telly and I haven’t seen the video clips of this yet (nothing on SoccerPulse, 101GreatGoals or YouTube), I can’t say much about the brawl itself. I’d like to imagine that it started off with the Minero and Cruziero players fighting for the right to kick the ball off Kerlon’s head from the free kick Cruziero had won. Reuters really should do a better job reporting on such news. Did the managers take the field? Did the subs come running down? Did a fan run naked across the pitch and piss on the ball while everyone else was fighting? Did someone try to kiss the referee (that’s a yellow card offense you know)? So many questions…

Anyway, in way of consolation, here’s Kerlon doing the Seal Dribble, and the what usually happens a few seconds after he starts the Seal Dribble.

Apparently this whole ‘Seal Dribble’ thing is always mentioned in capital letters wherever I read it – the boy should trademark it as he’s going to have an ultrashort career if he keeps getting attacked like this.

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