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How to Reduce the Risk of Football Accumulator Betting



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The classic football accumulator is seen by many as a sure fire way to gain maximum return from a minumal stake. That of course, is never the case and in reality there is a lot more to an accumulator than simply picking as many teams as you can to increase the potential winnings from your bet.

There is a strange habit amongst us who bet on football that says as soon as your bet is on, you have won. Don’t tell me you’ve never walked out the bookies with your accumulator slip in hand, already thinking about what your £25,384.19 from a £2 stake will be spent on.

It happens to us all and the beauty is it could come true. This is the great thing about accumulators; small stakes-huge payouts. They also commit the punter to the whole bet, for example there is no ‘cashing out’ option if four of your selections have won but the other three don’t play until the following day.

Although I accept the accumulator is the best way for a causal punter to get some enjoyment out of a bet, there is far too much margin for error. For that reason I recommend betting in combinations.

Combination betting comes at a higher original stake to an accumulator, because you are placing more than one bet. The advantage of this type of bet is you won’t be screwing your slip up at full time with the painful disappointment of one team letting down your whole bet.

Combination betting works best if you can avoid very short prices, I like to work on the principle that anything over 4/6 (1.67) could be bet in combination and give a profitable return.

With combination betting, the more teams you chose, the more your bet will cost you, but of course, the more profitable it could be. The best way to show this is a working example:

I have found four selections I want to bet on:

Bolton to beat Aston Villa at 13/10 (2.3)

West Ham to beat Stoke at 5/4 (2.25)

Newcastle and Everton to draw at 12/5 (3.4)

QPR to beat Leicester at 5/4 (2.25)

As a 4-fold accumulator with a stake of £2 this would give a return of £80. But in this case Everton actually beat Newcastle so therefore the accumulator would have lost.

Rather than betting on the accumulator, bet on the trebles within these four selections. That means you are actually placing four treble bets rather than the one accumulator (there is nothing stopping you betting on the accumulator as well).

This obviously means your stake increases by four. So 4 x £2 = £8 total stake. If all four selections won you would be paid out on all four trebles so your payout would be:

Bolton, West Ham, Newcastle vs Everton draw – treble pays £35.19

Bolton, West Ham, QPR – treble pays £23.29

West Ham, Newcastle vs Everton draw, QPR – treble pays £34.42

Newcastle vs Everton draw, Bolton, QPR – treble pays £35.19

Total return from your £8 stake would be £35.19 + £23.29 + £34.42 + £35.19 = £128.09.

Unfortunately in this case the Newcastle vs Everton result was an Everton victory so only three out of my four selections were correct. But because Bolton, West Ham and QPR won there is one winning treble so you would be paid £23.29, a profit of £15.29 from your original £8 stake.

As you can see, you have the insurance of knowing that if one selection loses, you still get a return. There is also the possibility still that all your selections will win and naturally, because your stake is higher, your return would be too.

There is no limit to the selections you can have, so if you had five selections, that would give you five 4-fold bets, costing you five times your original £2 stake so 5 x £2 = £10.

Although this seems like a maths lesson from school, I can assure you it works and if you’re looking for more than just the thrill of a chance to win a 4-figure sum from a minimal stake, then combination betting is defiantly much more financially viable with less risk involved.

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