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How To Bet On Football Online

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After watching your local club in a recent match and predicting the score for the third straight match, you figure the time has come to put those prediction skills to work. Instead of leaving your day job for a place at Madam Odd’s fortune teller booth, you figure it’s best if you put those special prediction powers to good use betting on football matches.

The only the problem is, is that you don’t know the first place to start when it comes to placing a bet online. No problem. Follow us along for a short, but informative tutorial on how to place a bet online.

1) Find a Sportsbook: We’d recommend you take a look at our list of the best betting sites and forums to make your choice. There are loads of choices out there but only one book will end up suiting you in the beginning. Looking for a book that has live betting and a variety of football lines is key in your search for the perfect book. If you plan to invest a large chunk of money in your first account, I’d recommend you find a book with low lines where you can place a larger bet and not have to pay a high vig (the percentage you pay the book to place the bet). For novice gamblers, just finding a book that feels good is the most important thing.

2) Opening the account: Once you’ve found a book that works for you, you’ll then want to register for a free account. Please make sure you pick a password that is case sensitive and not easy to steal in case someone do get a hold of your account name. After opening the account and signing in, you’ll then want to make the biggest decision of all: figuring out how much money you want to put in the account.

3) Funding your account: Novice gamblers who’ve never placed  a bet before should be advised to put a small amount of money in the first time around. I’d recommend somewhere in the neighbourhood of £25-50 pounds to start. That should be enough to get you started. To fund the account you’ll need a bank account or credit card to add funds. Doing this is safe and secure, so you needn’t worry about someone stealing your card information.

4) Verify the funds are in the account: This is critical. Please make sure your funds are in the account once you’ve typed in your card information. You should also receive an email from the site confirming the transaction. If you notice that the funds are missing or are not completely there, please make sure you go down to the bottom of the page and click the contact link. You should be able to call or email the book 24/7 with questions and concerns.

5) Place your first bet: Assuming you want to place a bet on a football match, you’d want to first find the link to the football betting page. Once you’ve found the link click on it and find a league you’d like to bet on. Most sites allow you to bet on all major football leagues, so the trick is trying to pick one you know fairly well. If you know the Premier League best, then I’d suggest you go there first.

6) Confirming the bet: Once you’ve found a match and a team that you like, make sure you verify what the lines are once more before you confirm the bet. If you can verify that you’ve got the correct odds and team picked then you’re ready to confirm the bet. Place betting amount in the box usually labeled “bet on” and click “OK”. Once you’ve done this it should tell you the amount you’ve laid on the club and the amount you’ll get if you win the bet. Click “Place” if you are good with everything. Once the bet is placed, make sure you take the time to write down the bet confirmation number in the event something happens to the bet (i.e. it goes missing on your bet report).

7) Enjoy the match: Watch the match and enjoy the prospects of a tidy payday if you do win. If you win the bet, make sure you take the time to go back into your account to verify the winnings are correct.

I hope these simple instructions give you an idea of how to place a bet online. Based on the information above, you can see placing signing up for an account and placing a bet are two things that are really easy to do. The hard part of course is placing the bet and actually winning!

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