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How high can Newcastle get?



Every summer it’s the same story. Fans turn from pessimistic sods at the end of the season into blindly over-optimistic slobbering fools by the start of the season.

For some clubs the transformation starts earlier – the signing of a new player, a new manager or in recent years, a club takeover. For others, it happens at the fag end of the fag end of the transfer season, right before the season starts and the club is about to be humiliated and dreams shattered in the first match.

This summer it’s much of the same. Newcastle fans are flush with Ashley’s takeover and Big Sam’s appointment – neatly forgetting that Owen and Martins could leave this summer and that Big Sam is a budget manager and you don’t win much with budget managers unless you’re world class.

Will Newcastle break into the top 4? I’d consider it a remarkable achievement if they broke into the top 6. Top 8 should be their goal – forget history and potential, right now, considering the competition, Newcastle will do well to be in the top 8.

Champions League football in 08/09? Dude, what are you smoking?

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