How far can Ranieri take Juventus?

So, Tinkerman is now given license by the Italians to tinker some more, this time with the Old Lady.

He’s an interesting choice, having saved Parma from relegation although considering that Deschamps had left and that Juventus aren’t playing in the Champions League, it’s doubtful if another high-profile manager would have been available to take on the job.

The big question is – how far can Ranieri take Juventus?

Part of it depends on the funds allocated to him by the Juventus management, but in a league where Roma, Inter and Milan are the only serious rivals for the top spot, Ranieri’s first job will be to secure Champions League football. Failure to do that will be disastrous.

So, what do you guys think? Can Ranieri take Juventus to the Champions League next season?

And will Juventus will be able to attract the type of players necessary to help them win the Serie A again?

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