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How Advanced Statistical Can Analysis Help You With Football Betting

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Preparing in advance for the upcoming season has always been one of the favorite activities among football betting fans. And it seems that each year they get to learn more about this beautiful game that they enjoy so much.

When betting on any sport, it’s always recommended to have some kind of preparation before the events begin. Most people rely on the odds and some general knowledge that they have on football teams and individual players. However, this simply isn’t enough. If you want to secure a winning betting slip, a more thorough analysis of the previous games has to be done.

What many people don’t know about football is that even today it’s evolving, and there are different things that coaches and club owners do to ensure the victory of the team. Unlike in the old days when it was enough for players to go out and the field and play, nowadays the entire football industry is spending millions and millions on statistical infrastructure that allows professionals to explore even the tiniest weakness or the biggest strength of every individual team or player.

Also, these analyses serve to discover potential talents and get to them before other clubs do.

But most importantly, there are companies that offer advanced statistical analysis to bettors as well. In this way, sports betting fans can have a unique insight into the game that can help them during their wagering.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most important statistical data that any punter should take a look at while placing a bet on football.

How Many Times Have The Teams Made a Shoot on Target

For any bettor, two things matter the most. To find the best operator with the best odds and learn how to recognize the best teams in the area. For the first one, if you live in Indiana, fo example, you can go through this review of Indiana sports betting apps or other such insightful sources. For the second thing, bettors need to understand all the things that make any team the best one on the field. It goes without saying that what makes any team or player better than the rest is the number of goals scored. However, in order to score a goal, you must first shoot on target. Therefore, instead of looking only at teams that have scored the most during the previous season, you should also take a closer look at those who had the most attempts at scoring one. This statistic can help punters discover new talent or undervalued teams, that can help them while making betting decisions in the future.

Type of Goals Made By The Team

Another important statistic that is often overlooked is the types of goals scored. Teams that are capable of scoring more from open play, should have an advantage over those who score less. Teams that rely on set pieces are usually ranked lower, and this can have a significant impact on your betting strategy when you get to understand which team is better in open play scoring.

Expected Goals

Experienced bettors have discovered the power of expected goal predictions. A lot of data necessary for making this prediction isn’t always available online, however, one can find different statistical analyses made by other people on social media and use them to their advantage. This requires a lot of mathematical calculations so you should always rely on people who have had success in making the right predictions in the past. What in fact these statistics show is how lucky the team has been so far. However, it all comes down to this – the team that is expected to have a higher goal rate will usually rank higher.

When taking into consideration all statistics mentioned above it will become much easier for you to make the right prediction even for those teams that you don’t know much about.


Football is a complex sport. And betting on it can be as thrilling and satisfying as it is hard. Experienced bettors know how many things should one take into consideration before making a bet. Although a great number of bettors still rely solely on odds, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are those where who knows where the true information lies, and who use it to their advantage.

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