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Hleb puts foot in mouth, criticises Capello



Former Arsenal player Alexander Hleb (now at Barcelona) had this to say about Fabio Capello’s rules:

“Nothing can be achieved with restrictions and bans.

The most important thing is the atmosphere in the team.

It seems that there is some kind of communism going on. For example, Capello says the players’ breakfast is not from 8 till 9am but strictly at 8.15! It’s all nonsense.'”

This would be the same ‘team atmosphere’ that helped you win a league title at Arsenal, right? What, that didn’t happen? Or the same communism that stopped Capello from winning the title in every league that he played in, including 2 in 2 years in Spain? What, he won?

Hleb’s a decent chap and a good footballer, and he’s right that atmosphere is very important. But as Capello has repeatedly emphasised, a big part of that atmosphere is a player’s individual discipline and the respect they show to their team members and to playing for England as a whole.

And what kind of ‘atmosphere’ is Hleb used to if he’s rolling out of bed at 8:45 and rushing for 5 minutes of breakfast with the team?