Hill-Wood’s mouth hurts Arsenal’s stellar reputation

When I read that Peter Hill-Wood has made a statement to the press, I cringe. The man is an honest football and Arsenal man and you have to respect him for that, but the gloves come off the moment this pompous ass ventures into commenting on people other than Arsenal’s own.

Arsenal are a club of genuine international repute and blessed with a great manager and a squad filled with prodigiously talented players. Sure, they are stable enough to grow on their own and do not need a billionaire sugar-daddy to take out a mortgage on the club and force a takeover (who does?) – but on the other hand they also need to keep the peace with shareholders.

Insulting Kroenke and putting down David Dein in public may have cathartic benefits and get a few cheers from hardcore Arsenal fans, but at the end of the day it does nothing but to help Arsenal and does everything to damage Arsenal’s reputation (if your major shareholders are not exempt from public attacks, how do you do business with this club?).

Arsenal, especially under Wenger, have done wonders in building their reputation, and it’s a shame to see the good work undone by someone with an acute lack of understanding of class or tact.

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