Hill-Wood defends Arsenal’s major shareholders, rules out takeover

Arsenal’s takeover saga is still in its infancy, but we’re past first base – Kroenke has 10% of the shares, and the chairman has come out and said that the board and the major shareholders are not interested in selling out to strangers.

Peter Hill-Wood says that:

“The shareholders would prefer to stay in control than sell out to some stranger.

We would be horrified to see ownership of the club go across the Atlantic.”

Hill-Wood also spoke about three of the club’s major shareholders – Fiszman, Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith and the Carr family:

“These people love Arsenal, they are independently wealthy and do not need the money. Having a few extra million pounds in the bank is of no interest to them.

We’re here for Arsenal football club, not to make a few bob. The club has been run for the benefit of supporters, staff and players.”

That’s great to hear, but didn’t Danny Fiszman sell some of his shares to Kroenke?

And not to be cynical, but Hill-Wood is defending the shareholders and talking about them being in it for Arsenal – he hasn’t said anything specific about not accepting significant investment from an outside source provided that the plan is in Arsenal’s best interests.

Is there a way that Arsenal can bring in investment without the shareholders losing control? How involved will Kroenke be in the next year or so?

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