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Henry would rather move to Liverpool than to Tottenham, Newcastle United or Manchester City



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Heard a rumour the other day that Thierry Henry might be moving away from Barcelona after just one season. Henry’s name may not be synonymous with loyalty for most fans but why would he pack up and leave so quickly when he’s taken so much time to get settled in?

And then I heard that he would be coming back to England. Not to Arsenal, because that story has ended, but perhaps to Chelsea or some other big club. But the rumours didn’t stop there. Now we’re hearing that Henry could move to another London club, namely Tottenham, to be close to his daughter. Not far behind are the rumours linking Henry to Newcastle United and Manchester City, the former getting over-excited whenever their club strings a couple of wins in a row and the later already dreaming about next season and that big big big signing that Shinawatra has promised them.

Speculation can be fun, but this one is absurd.

Why would Thierry Henry – a man who left a club he loved (Arsenal) to go play for a new club and rebooted his career at Barcelona for a shot at winning the Champions League – go to a club that has no real chance of winning it in the next couple of years?

If Henry’s career was ending, I’d understand. But the guy still has a couple of years at the top, and he desperately wants to win the Champions League and win more titles. He believed that he couldn’t do it at Arsenal (although ironically with him they still might be at the top of the table and in the semis based on the rest of the squad’s performances this season) so he jumped to Barcelona.

What makes anyone think that he will jump to Tottenham, Newcastle United or Manchester City? If you do the math, Henry has 3 years left at the top and for any of the three clubs mentioned above to snag him this summer, they’d need to convince him that they can reach the top four next season (or the year after that) and then actually go on and win the Champions League in the following season.

Manchester City are a class away from the top four and even massive investment will not make them equals in just 1 year, and even then they wouldn’t have the experience or the class to go on and win the CL. It’s a nice dream, but even top sides need considerable European experience before they can consider themselves as proper contenders.

Newcastle United – 3 wins and you have Champions League ambitions? Not to beat down on you but a) location and b) teams ahead of you make it quite unlikely for Henry to consider a move to Geordie-land. Maybe in a couple of years when he wants to retire and be loved and not criticised…

Tottenham – a club that has promised so much but failed to deliver when it counted the most (League Cup notwithstanding). Apparently the rumour-mongers forgot the Arsenal-Tottenham rivalry and also consider Henry a liar for saying that he loves Arsenal.

If we’re going by rumours alone, why not go with this one – Henry himself has said that the club he’s like to play for in England after Arsenal was Liverpool.

And with Liverpool doing so well in the Champions League year in and year out, why not bring Henry in to play alongside Torres and turn Liverpool into genuine Premier League title contenders?

Henry to Liverpool has more of a chance of happening than the chances of Tottenham, Manchester City or Newcastle United breaking in to the top four next season.