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Heinze, Liverpool, Manchester United – Hypocrisy or not?

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Disclaimer: This article is written from a United supporter’s point of view and probably is a biased view.

I’ve heard some ‘strange’ arguments from scousers before. However, likening this move to the Tevez move and then calling Manchester United hypocrites? That’s classic.

Let’s be honest. Why are the Liverpool fans really upset?

Is it perhaps because:

a) this case is the same as the Tevez case, or

b) Manchester United won’t allow Heinze to join Liverpool, or

c) this is Manchester United we’re talking about

My take on the above:

a) The Tevez case

With Tevez, ALL parties agreed up-front to a transfer. The only dispute today is WHO will receive the bulk of the money. I’m no legal expert, but I’m sure that if the FAPL did not step in, the financials would have been resolved between the 3 parties involved. Unfortunately, they had to step in because of something called ‘relegation’, a club named Sheffield United and a lawsuit of about £50m just waiting to find a willing recipient.

Manchester United would be foolish to blame West Ham for the hold up in the Tevez transfer.

b) Heinze to Liverpool

Why should you strengthen your main rivals?

When Sir Alex Furgeson started at Manchester United, his main goal was, to turn Manchester United into the greatest team in English history. To achieve this goal, Manchester United needs to among others – this is a tough one to mention 🙁 – beat the records set at the time by Liverpool. That goal still holds today. (We are currently 2 away in the League, and 3 in the Champions League). Will it not be foolish to sell a good player (whose never-say-die attitude) symbolizes the heart of Manchester United — to Liverpool of all teams?

Contrary to some beliefs, Heinze is not surplus to requirements at Old Trafford. SAF also mentioned a couple of times that Heinze himself has not yet spoken to him personally about a move. He also stated that if the player really wants to go, they will not stand in his way, as long it’s not Liverpool.

If Heinze really wants to join Liverpool, he can buy out his contract in January.

This also raises an important question. Why would he want to move because of apparently not getting enough 1st team football, to another team that is well-known for their rotational policy?

From a Liverpool point of view, consider the following scenario…

If Manchester United made an offer for Steven Gerrard,

a) will the club allow him to move? (pretty sure NO)

b) will you the fans be upset about it? (pretty sure YES)

Please don’t give me crap about “…that won’t happen because our players are loyal.”. If this is indeed the argument, why then do you ant to go for a seemingly non-loyal person?

Loyalty cannot be taught overnight — it’s part of your personality. (Besides, it applies to fans, not players).

Argument does not hold.

c) It’s Manchester United

This is the real reason isn’t it? 🙂

Why hide behind words like hypocrisy and arrogance? Why resort to calling our manager names? Why not be open about it and say.”we don’t give a fuck about Heinze, we just found a reason to piss the United fans off and to invade their fan blogsite (over at redrants)”? Maybe then we can have a meaningful discussion (and compare trophies).

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