Guardian columnist: Tottenham players lack spine

Kevin McCarra thinks that Tottenham players lack spine. I’m inclined to agree, although I’d add that it’s not something that’s limited to Tottenham – other teams with strong potential have the same issue (like Newcastle…).

Do Tottenham really need ‘leaders’ on the pitch, or is it a case of the team gelling together and learning how to play to their strengths?

You could argue that with Carrick leaving, and King being injured on and off this season, Tottenham have had a tougher time this season. But Zokora and Berbatov have come in, and while new players take time to bed in, it often seems that the team as a whole doesn’t always play to Berba’s strengths, and Zokora’s not the sort of player who can sit back and control the game if necessary.

Maybe Jol needs a rethink in strategy, or maybe they really do need ‘leaders’. At least someone in midfield is a must, because while Jenas and Huddlestone are developing into very good players you’ll need some experience NOW, not two-three years down the road.

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