Great Expectations; A Liverpool Fan with a Fondness for the Arsenal

Now before I get crucified by other Liverpool fans over my Gunner weakness let me just say I hate Arsenal like all other teams when they threaten Liverpool but otherwise, because of a lifelong friendship with a North Londoner I have begrudgingly started to root for them over the years, and I have to say that life for Arsenal, post-Henry, is more than likely a good solution, if you can see past one season.

What Wenger and Co. should have done, though, is offload him the year before and cashed in on a 26-million move rather than a 16-million one but that cannot be helped now so let’s move on…..

The panic I sense from my Arsenal friend and other bloggers is that of immediate short-sightedness. Wenger is rebuilding and this time for the future. I for one am looking forward to seeing what Arsenal can do without the crutch of Henry. Finally Van Persie and others don’t have a shadow to live under, and if Wenger’s record of finding young talent is anything to go on, the lime-light now awaits for a young, talented, exciting and creative squad to step up and lead. I predict more Fabregas’, Hleb’s, and Van Persie’s to surprise us this season.

Have faith North London, I think you’ve done the right thing. If delayed gratification is more than just backing into a parking space, I predict Arsenal will turn some heads and this time next summer you will again be rightfully be considered contenders.

I almost envy your position. Liverpool had better compete for top honors or heads will roll…….you guys just need to finish fourth and it will be commended. Enjoy your not-so-Great Expectations, they are undeserved and unlikely to last for long.

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