Gravesen – Robinho Fight – Real Madrid

If you haven’t caught the news yet, believe me you’re not missing much 🙂

Gravesen and Robinho had a bustup at Real Madrid’s pre-season training camp in Austria, apparently caused by a late tackle by Gravesen. It sounds like just any other training ground incident until you look into the background and realise that Gravesen is – and has been – a “problem figure” in the Real Madrid dressing room ever since he arrived in January 2005.

According to Fabio Capello (who was answering questions from the Spanish media regarding Gravesen’s poor behaviour), Gravesen has a serious attitude problem and likes to impose himself on his teammates by constantly telling them what to do.

Is that the reason he played so few games last season?

Gravesen has been told by Capello to ‘find another club’, but the 30 year old midfielder is reluctant to return to either Everton (his former club) or Celtic. Supposedly Newcastle are after him, although I don’t understand why they would want him.

The Fight

It seems that the fight started from a Gravesen tackle that Robinho didnt take too well – he got back up and started swearing at Gravesen, eventually losing control and landing a punch (of which Roberto Carlos does an excellent impression in the video below). Before Gravesen could pummel Robinho to the ground though, Baptista and another Madrid player intervened and managed to separate the two. Robinho was seen walking off making a gesture to the bench saying that Gravesen was ‘crazy’, while it took over a minute to get the Dane calmed down.

Gravesen – Robinho fight – Slideshow

Very nice slideshow of about 17 images or so showing the initial scuffle between Gravesen and Robinho from Spanish newspaper AS.

Robinho – Gravesen fight slideshow

Gravesen – Robinho fight – Video

The Spanish TV refused to show the fight on TV, but you can see the aftermath (including Roberto Carlos doing a Robinho impression) in the video below:

Gravesen Video – What He’s Like

In case you guys haven’t actually seen Gravesen play, here’s a quick look the midfielder during a game for Real Madrid. An excellent example of the troubles Fabio Capello was talking about.

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