Goodbye Jose, Goodnight Chelsea

Chelsea fans should be worried.

The man that brought Chelsea at least one of every major domestic title has finally left the club. I can’t say I am surprised, as the clashes between Jose Mourinho and billionaire owner Roman Abramovich have been widely covered. The Russian finally won out, and Chelsea is left with an interim manager who isn’t half of what Jose was.

The Special One wasn’t afraid to bruise egos or change his tactics to appease Abramovich or any player. Much has been said of the treasure chest worth of signings Mourinho has received over the past few years. However, it is hardly mentioned how Mourinho handled the signings.

International and European stars such as William Gallas, Michael Ballack, and Andriy Shevchenko are among the casualties of Mourinho’s only desire: to win. Gallas, Ballack, and Shevchenko all either did not perform, or did not fit into Mourinho’s tactical decisions, and he wasn’t afraid to put them on the bench. Instead, Mourinho relied on the previously maligned Didier Drogba and stalwarts Frank Lampard and John Terry, along with his squad rotation system to win, among other things, 2 Premier League titles. Ultimately, this is probably what led to his departure from Chelsea, particularly with the Shevchenko situation.

Chelsea can almost kiss Lampard goodbye. He has long been rumored of a move away from Stamford Bridge, and was a big fan of Mourinho. If things do not go well, look to him to finally make a move to Italy or Spain.

With Mourinho gone, I don’t know if Chelsea can place in the top four this season, and will probably have to settle for a UEFA Cup spot or worse.

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