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Goalkeeper training and the G-Code



How many of you self-styled armchair critics play football yourselves?

Not many, eh? Thought so.

For those souls who play football, I’m sure you understand the value of sports fitness and the specific training that’s required. With that in mind, there’s a training manual that can tell you exactly what you need to know about training for football.

Yes, I know that the title (and the book) says goalkeeper training, but after reading Big J‘s G-Code, I can assure you that there is a LOT in it that you can learn about football training and fitness in general.

More about the G-Code:

  • It’s advanced stuff – John gets straight down to the details of physical training from the word go and it’s an interesting, albeit quite technical, read.
  • It caters to all levels of football fitness – from young footballers starting out to veterans.
  • It’s a goalkeeping fitness book, but it does a great job of explaining sports fitness and football training for everyone, not just goalkeepers.

Go take a look over at Keeper Skool – The G-Code.