Gilberto should stay as Arsenal captain

Football managers see the players a lot more than we do – they’re there every single day in training, we see them 90 minutes a week, and that too if we manage to catch the game on TV or not.

So to think that you’d know better than the Arsenal manager would be ridiculous.

But some things are just too obvious to be ignored, and at the end of the day it’s your performances on the pitch that matter, not how well you do in training.

Gilberto, for my money, has emerged as the new leader in the Arsenal squad. He is humble, he is hard working and he grows with added responsibility. He’s part of the boys, despite being older than most of them.

He’s not the best midfielder in the world, and ideally Arsenal would be better off buying a new midfielder next summer (or waiting on Diaby to see if he can move up and take over the mantle). But he is (on limited evidence, I must admit), a better captain than Henry, and considering Arsenal’s current predicament in the League, he’s the right man for leading them out of this mess.

Make the change permanent – bring Henry back when he’s fit, but keep Gilberto as Arsenal captain.

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