Germany brush Costa Rica off in style

Germany vs Costa Rica Match Stats (Group A)

Germany 4, Costa Rica 2

Germany Goals: Lahm 6, Klose 17 61, Frings 87
Costa Rica Goals: Wanchope 12 73

Germany vs Costa Rica Match Report

Costa Rica’s rickety defense was never going to stand up to the attacking talents of Klinsmann’s young German team, and with Lahm scoring an exquisite goal in the 6th minute, the stage was set for a cracking opening game.

The first 17 minutes saw 3 goals, and you knew something special was on. Germany played an open, attacking game, and where Costa Rica were lacking in defense and finishing they made up for their willingness to hit the Germans on the counter-attack. Their moves broke down far too often though, and apart from Wanchope’s 2 goals they lack the skills to take on the top teams here. They will have it easier against Ecaudor, with their match against Poland now of paramount importance.

The game ended at 4-2, but not before Frings scored a scorcher from 30 yards out, the new Teamgeist ball swerving heavily in the air and beating the Costa Rican goalkeeper. The Germans will be mindful of their defensive troubles, as they allowed Wanchope to break the offside trap twice to score. Against better teams that are not so generous in defense and much sharper in offense, Germany will have a lot of problems, even if they played attractive football today. Lehmann would be under a bit of pressure after today’s game, the fans clearly favoring Oliver Kahn and the fact that he let in two goals would not have helped. His fine form for Arsenal this season won’t count for much if he doesn’t perform here – and Klinsmann is not averse to replacing him by Kahn at anytime of the World Cup.

The ball though, will be a talking point throughout the world cup. It might have been responsible for Germany’s last two goals, the ball drifting and swerving a lot more because of its light weight. It’ll be interesting to see how many more people will be taking long range shots in this world cup with the hope of beating keepers with the swing.

Teamgeist World Cup Ball 2006
The new Teamgeist Ball for the 2006 World Cup

Catch BBC’s Match Report here.

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