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Gary Lineker reacts to Douglas Luiz’ goal in Aston Villa win



Aston Villa picked up a stunning 5-1 win over Norwich away from home.

Goals from Wesley, Hourihane, Grealish and Douglas Luiz sealed a memorable win for Dean Smith’s side yesterday.

Popular pundit Gary Lineker has now reacted to Douglas Luiz’s goal on Twitter.

He tweeted:

The Aston Villa midfielder scored a fantastic curler from the long range on the 83rd minute. The Aston Villa summer signing had a very good game as well and he will be looking to build on this.

Luiz has a knack of scoring long range goals and he has done it in the Premier League earlier this season as well.

If he can keep this up, it could be a vital weapon for Aston Villa in the tougher games.

Luiz will be delighted with the praise coming his way and it will be interesting to see if he can improve as the season progresses.

When he came in this summer, there was a lot of hype around the midfielder. So far, Luiz has shown that he has the talent to establish himself as a quality Premier League player.