Gallas wants respect from Chelsea

I’m not a Chelsea-hater – I really am not. I like Mourinho, and for the record I try to appreciate what Abramovich is doing (playing out the secret fantasy of every football fan by buying a club and building a dream team with it).

Still, it’s hard not to laugh when players like Gallas and Drogba say that they don’t want to play for Chelsea anymore, or when Crespo refuses to sign a new contract, or when Scott Parker decides to leave

The laughter is of course uncontrollable when Ballack and Shevchenko glibly claim that it’s not for the money that they moved to Chelsea (or when Mikel or Essien say they had always dreamed to play for Chelsea).

Simple point – Chelsea have the money, and while money buys a lot of things (including the top players), it can’t buy happiness for everyone. Witness Drogba, who is sick of the flak he has been getting, or Gallas, who wants to be recognised by Chelsea as a definite starter in the center-back position and now says Chelsea’s belated overtures are coming too late and only after they were afraid they would lose him to AC Milan.

I think Gallas is acting childishly. He wants respect and recognition (something he has not gotten fully because of Terry’s presence, and to an extent Carvalho’s inability to play at left-back and Chelsea’s problems in that area), like every other person. But when you are getting it – even if it is after another club has shown an interest in you, you should fkn shut up and take it. Not because you’re getting a better deal than 99 percent of the people on this planet – but because it’s in your best interest to stay in Chelsea.

Unfortunately, Chelsea are stronger than last year and will be a force again on all four fronts. United, Arsenal and Liverpool will definitely run them closer, and with Tottenham improving as well the Premiership is fast becoming the toughest league to be in.

It’s good to be needed Gallas. Stop being a spoilt brat and sign the fkn contract. I’d be happy to see you leave Chelsea, but man why do you want to leave when you are finally getting everything you wanted from them? Milk the bastards for all they are worth, I say.

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