Four Reasons Why £95m Rooney Isn’t Going To Real Madrid

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Usually I’d trust the BBC to know the difference between bullshit and genuine transfer gossip when they see it but lately that’s not happening anymore.

Today, during their live blog for the England squad (minute-by-minute updates on speculation about which 7 players would be left), there was a mention of a £95m bid for Wayne Rooney by Real Madrid. It’s bollocks, we know that, but I thought I’d go to the best contemporary authority on all things Real Madrid, Adam Bader (author of Real Madrid Talk), and get his thoughts on the rumour.

Adam quickly pointed out four main reasons for this being a complete non-story:

1. Rooney IS Manchester United, and is set to extend his contract after the World Cup.

2. He loves the life in England and has no desire to move to ‘sunnier’ climes like other footballers.

3. He is already playing for a great club, it’s not like he needs to make the step up for his career.

4. Mourinho doesn’t want to mess around with Manchester United, given that he’s openly auditioning for a job as their next manager.

While United fans seem split in their opinions on Mourinho (with Scott being a good example of the opposition), everything Adam has pointed out is true. There’s nothing linking Rooney to Madrid apart from a couple of mischievous rumours created by the Spanish press, who, if we were to believe, would have 10 strikers playing for Madrid every game by the amount of players linked to the club every week.

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