Football News Roundup – August 26

Roundup of the news I’ve been meaning to writeup on but haven’t had the time to.

Read the La Liga season preview (by Phil Ball) at Soccernet.

Carlos Tevez’s agent has said that the player is set for a move to England. Chelsea and Manchester United beckon.

Ben Thatcher (who has the dubious honour of being more hated than Cristiano Ronaldo at the moment) has been charged with ‘serious foul play’ by the FA and suspended by Manchester City. More on this in tomorrow’s ‘off the record’ column. Thatcher has until 12 Sept to respond to the FA’s charge.

Barcelona are beaten 3-0 by Sevilla in the European SuperCup.

Manchester United have been trailing Kristofer Haestad for some time now, and there are rumours that he may be lined up as a backup in case the Hargreaves move falls through, or could even be a transfer target for January. More on skysports.

Interesting article by Howard Webb (Premiership ref) on BBC.

Kevin Nolan has a new column on BBC – enjoy.

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