Football News Roundup 29-05-06

A very quick breeze through the football news for today:

Real Madrid have approached Fabio Capello (again) – with Capello again saying that there was “just contact” and nothing had been agreed. Capello wouldnt want to go to a poisoned chalice like Madrid, but then again Juve isnt exactly the best club to be the manager of right now, and Capello may very well be poised to move on.

I’d like to see Capello move to Old Trafford – he’s one of those few managers who will be able to replace Alex Ferguson in terms of respect and accomplishments. Maybe another year? Or maybe this summer?

Marcos Senna, the Villareal defensive midfielder is being chased by Arsenal and possibly United or Liverpool, if reports from Spain are to be believed (which they usually arent). Arsenal have been linked to quite a few players and their high-profile performance in the Champions League may do them more good than United’s second position did to them.

Classic media entrapment as Frank Lampard says that playing for Barcelona would be a ‘dream’. Considering that his manager and his team have branded the Spanish champions as cheats, it’s funny to see how far the media are willing to go in order to rouse any sort of controversy. Lampard moving to Barcelona? Well, he has reasons, as Sky Sports tells us.

Manchester United seem to be fighting with Lyon over a French winger who looks surprisingly like Gary Neville (see image below). At 22, Franc Ribery has taking the French League by storm and looks set to leave Marseille this summer.

Franc Ribery - Marseille - Gary Neville lookalike

Help! They’ve cloned Gary Neville!

Maybe this is just to get Lyon to sell Diarra. Or maybe, just maybe, Ferguson has gone totally bonkers and decided to buy everyone who looks like Neville. If you can’t buy loyalty, maybe you can fake it for just one more show?

Staying with United, the scan that will decide on Rooney’s involvement in the World Cup finals will take place on 7th June. With the team to be finalised by 9th June, this is the last chance Eriksson has of taking Rooney to play in Germany.

Michael Essien becomes the third Chelsea player after Robben and Drogba to say that ‘he is not dirty’. You know what they say Essien – there aint never no smoke without a fire. In this article Essien also talks about how he almost signed for United as a teenager and how he thinks United might have made a play for him last summer.

Hmmm. Is this the same Essien who had been quoted as saying that “I would love to play for Manchester United and that I am talking with them”? Of course, Chelsea’s billions could brainwash just about anyone.

And who’s going to buy Luca Toni?

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