Football News: Arsenal’s new stadium, Zidane being selfish and more

Ok, lots of interesting news bites flying around, i figure the easiest way is to give you guys a quick listing of what to read (in case you’ve missed it).

First up, head over to to take a look at one member’s experience today at Arsenal’s new Emirates Stadium. Ok pics, although my source tells me we can get better resolution images pretty soon.

Then, you’ve got the Zidane verdict happening. For his headbutt, he gets suspended for 3 games. That’s academic, but the shocker is how public opinion has forced FIFA into putting a two-game ban on Matterazi and basically labelled him as the guilty party in this incident as well. Funny how reason can be bent by what we want to believe. Paul Doyle from the Guardian provides a different perspective to this story.

Brondy’s new boss, Rene Meulensteen (who was recently Manchester United’s reserve team coach), has his eyes set on Solskjaer. I guess we could sell him next year if we finally decide to buy a striker. Somehow relying on Saha, Solskjaer, Smith and Rossi to provide Rooney with support doesn’t fill me with confidence. Saha wouldn’t be first choice at Chelsea, and with Reyes and van Persie he would have a hard time getting in at Arsenal. Why should we think he’s think that we’re good enough with him around?

According to Capello, Real Madrid have 3 more signings to make. It seems that they’ve dropped the idea of selling Roberto Carlos for now, and with the need of a left-back out of the way, they will be looking to bring in another striker (Ruud), a left winger (Simao / Robben / Ronaldo) and an attacking midfielder (Kaka). Of the three, Ruud is closest to a deal while Kaka should be at Real Madrid when La Liga starts. Where they’re going to get a winger – no idea.

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