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Five Essential Football Betting Tips



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If there’s one thing I’ve always learned from betting it’s that you should always go with your gut. I don’t care who gives you a pick; if you don’t feel right with it from the start, then you’re better off leaving the match alone and going about your business. With that in mind, there are some good pieces of advice and tips I’ve received over the years that have come in handy.

Whilst I don’t expect you to follow all of these, I do think they’re worth taking a look at and pondering for a while. Take a look at my tips and advice and feel free to add your own in the comments section below.

Bet only what you can afford to lose: I can’t be any clearer about this: if you don’t get anything else out of these tips, please make sure you take this one to heart. Betting is an ego-driven game where you constantly faceoff against yourself in a battle for ultimate supremacy. The big question is: can you keep your ego in check and win at the same time?

This might be the hardest thing to do since winning money usually brings out the greed in all of us. When we’re winning, there’s really nothing else that matters; but when we’re losing, that’s when we need to check our ego at the door. Always remember that you’re only as good as your last winning bet. If you do lose, take a deep breath and do something else. The worst possible thing you can do is chase the loss.

With that in mind, know that the money in YOUR account represents real money. It’s hard to understand that when you look at the account and see a number. It would be fair easier to understand everything if you could actually see the money. Please know that you should only bet what you can afford to lose in the long run. Make sure the money in your account doesn’t mean the different between being late on your house payment or getting groceries one week.

Find a league and become an expert: I’ve seen plenty of good bettors in my day. Some have been great a picking matches from all over the world, whilst are better at picking matches in a particular league. Those that pick matches correctly from all over the world on a fairly consistent basis usually have a title next to the word “gambler” — and that word is usually “professional.”

Unless you do gambline for a living — which I’m assuming most of us don’t — then you’d be better off saving your monies, watching loads of matches, taking notes, and becoming an expert in a particular league. Better yet, pick two of three teams and become an expert on them. The more in-depth you can get on a couple of clubs, the better chance you have of winning more in the future.

You essentially cut out the feeling of being overwhelmed whilst looking at the lines. Instead, you give yourself a better chance by concentrating on a specific league and figuring out the nuts and bolts as best you can.

Fade the guy who claims he’s got “hot tips”: Those guys who claim to give you free picks each week (they also claim to hit the mark at a 60-65% clip) are almost always full of shit. If you were to go back and track all of their picks, I can almost guarantee most of them are hitting somewhere around 30-35%. They give you a number in the hopes of suckering you in to buy their picks again.

If you can’t pick you own matches, then I’d suggest you pick up another hobby. Betting of football matches takes more than tailing another bettors picks. If you really want to be successful in this business you’ll need to leave these guys at the curb and go about finding your own system and trusting your gut. You’ll be glad you did when it’s all said and done.

Don’t bet every week: Gambling has a way of wearing veteran bettors down to the point where they feel they need to place a bet every day of the week to have some sort of action. Please note that this is a very unhealthy habit.

Even if you’re on a magnificent run of wins, I’d suggest you take a week here and there to step away and come back with a fresh perspective. It gives you a chance to get away from the betting and analysis, whilst also making sure you always stay as sharp as possible.

Take detailed notes: Every good bettor takes detailed notes. Simple as. That might mean watching a match, picking a team based on the odds (but not placing a bet), and then seein where you logic take you. These practise bets can be a good way of finding a hole in the system.

Does the club play better when they have a certain player out on the wing? What about the fact they’re missing a key name in the starting XI? These are all questions that can be answered whilst watching a match. Just make sure you write those notes down!

The next time around you may find yourself pouring over a match, when it hits you to look at some notes you took a couple weeks ago. Those notes could actually come in handy when trying to make a final choice.

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