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FlashForward: Spain Win The World Cup?



We’ve seen Germany produce the only first slick performance of the 2010 World Cup and we’ve seen the likes of Italy, France, Argentina, England and Netherlands (all pre-tournament outside favourites after Spain and Brazil) labour through their opening games.

The World Cup (so far) has been an average affair (as opening rounds of such tournaments tend to be) with many thinking that this may be the most boring World Cup in recent history (people tend to have short memories though).

With Brazil to play today (and Spain to start their campaign soon enough), we look across the gaming world to see what’s in store for these two giants of football this summer.

According to EA Sports’ World Cup simulation using the artificial intelligence behind the game “2010 FIFA World Cup: South Africa,” not only does David Villa win the Golden Boot for scoring seven goals in the tournament, but his two goals in the final game help Spain defeat Brazil 3-1 to become the new champs.

It’s worth reading their full account of the simulation (and looking at the Mexico and US opening games in particular). Simulations don’t take real-life scenarios into account and usually get it wrong, but it’s tough to argue against one of these two teams reaching the final. I’d find it difficult to believe that Spain could dominate Brazil so easily though.