Filho da Puta – oh, how the media is loving it

There’s more to Filho da Puta and the little Chelsea vs media episode than Mourinho mouthing off.

Filho da Puta – Portuguese for ‘son of a bitch’.

Mike Riley – not a son of a bitch, but surely, referees as a whole must get much worse thrown at them from the crowd and the fans. Credit to Riley for not being bothered with this sort of trash, and credit for the FA to have their heads so far up their asses that they refuse to do anything unless the ref includes it in his match report.

Jose Mourinho – dead on about this being a regular part of the vernacular. In the media’s haste to attack all things Chelsea and to milk every little incident to the hilt, they conveniently ignore that this is nothing compared to what the players are subjected to by the fans – instead, the fans and the public are god (rather, the paying public) and the refs, players, clubs and managers are fair game.

Shame on the media, and shame on the fans.

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