Fifa want 18-team Premier League

Fifa’s Congress is trying to push through a proposal that could see the top leagues of Europe reduced to 18 teams by the 2007/2008 season.

Despite Sepp Blatter’s grand statement that this will give “four more days to the international calendar”, Premier League have made a predictable response – We don’t want this sort of change.

A smaller league would put a lot more pressure on the teams to perform, and would – apart from reducing fixture congestion and what not, lead to a more exciting league. On the flip side, the sides losing out on the Premier League (and the top leagues in Italy, Spain and Germany) would be losing out on a lot of money, which the English FA considers an important investment in helping clubs from the lower leagues establish themselves.


Fifa want 18-team Premier League

What do you think? Does Fifa have a say in running the local football of member countries? Will reducing the number of teams (albeit only by 2) improve the quality of football being played? Will teams be more defensive as they try hard to avoid the drop?

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