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Fifa ask FA to investigate Arsenal-Beveren ties



From the Guardian:

Fifa has officially requested the Football Association to investigate the relationship between Arsenal and Belgian club Beveren.

Arsenal fans will shout conspiracy, while Arsenal haters will make a huge deal out of it. The media is bound to have a field day as well, although like the Obi Mikel saga this too will be put to the backburner as the World Cup takes center stage on Friday.

My view is that this is a measured response to actual police investigations involving both clubs. Fifa have evidently received full reports of what BBC NewsNight and the Belgian police have claimed, and as a result are concerned with what is going on. It would have been worse if they had done nothing; that would have smacked of complacency.

If Arsenal is innocent (I doubt that anyone in this world is innocent, save the righteous few), they have no cause for concern. The bad press will wash away once all facts are open to the media. The ‘damage’ that could come from this has already been done – to Arsenal’s image that is (David Dein was already out regardless of this investigation). A further investigation can only clear or implicate the Gunners. And as the ArseBlogger and my co-blogger Dixon have said, Arsenal are innocent.

Well gents in that case, you guys have nothing to worry about. Let’s get on to the World Cup 🙂