Ferguson wants to win the Champions League again before leaving Manchester United

Today’s news has Ferguson saying that he’s at Manchester United for at least another 2 years.

Of course, nothing is at it seems – what Ferguson really wants is a Champions League win – for a manager of his stature and longevity one sole win is not good enough, nor would it be the same with winning it with any other club (although where would Ferguson go, if he chose not to retire from football but left Manchester United?).

This year’s challenge will be very interesting. For all of Manchester United’s frailities, they are a strong side with an excellent shot of reaching the quarter finals. Once there, the luck of the draw could hand them Real or Bayern (teams United will hope to be able to beat) or even Inter or Barcelona (teams United could have serious problems against).

Anything less than the semis will be viewed as a disappointment by fans, although at the start of the season if anyone had given me our current position and told us we’d win the premiership but lose in the quarters, I would have taken it immediately.

What would Ferguson do if Manchester United won the Premiership AND the Champions League this season (not much chance, but hypothetically speaking)?

If I were him, I’d retire on the spot and tell the Glazers to bring in Roy Keane.

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