Ferguson Hits Back Over Ronaldo Rumours

Finally, the boss has spoken.

After a day of silence (which saw United merely issue a statement talking about Ronaldo’s contract), Ferguson himself has come out and said …

exactly the same thing.

Here’s what Ferguson had to say:

“There isn’t a problem with the boy and I don’t expect any problems.”

“Over the years when people have been involved in a bid to become president at Madrid they’ve used clubs like ours.”

“They [the candidates] talk about what they’re going to do for Madrid and how they’ll bring in big players.”

“They’ve promised to buy about half a dozen players over the last few weeks including Ronaldo and Fernando Torres from Atletico Madrid.”

“I’ve experienced it time and time again in the past. It’s just talk to try and encourage people to vote for them.”

All that’s fine boss, but what about Ronaldo talking to Marca? Have you checked in with Ronnie boy? Is he going to come out and say something himself?

The whole Ronaldo deal is a bloody diversion, just as the Robben / Diarra / Wenger ‘contacts’ and what not. But then why are United worried?

Because deep down we know that Manchester United isn’t the same force as it was three years ago. So we’re worried.


Boss: There’s no problem with Ronaldo (ManUtd.com)

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