FA bungles it in charging Arsenal and Chelsea

The callow officiousness with which the FA deals with ‘misconduct’ is now as predictable as it is depressing.

They’ve got it wrong again, this time even after reviewing match evidence. Tellingly, they’ve found a way to back the ref and put it all on the clubs, when both players and refs were at fault.

For Arsenal, Toure’s red card stands, and it should. He lashed out at Mikel when he should have gone on and taken the free kick. Fabregas, as I said earlier, should have received a red as well for his over-the-top reaction and tussle with Lampard.

Adebayour received a wrong red card, but the way he got involved when he didn’t need to, and reacted badly to the refs. For me that translates into this – disrespect the ref, get a red card.

Mikel’s red card stands, although Chelsea will appeal it (as will Arsenal with Ade’s red). It should be rescinded, but I doubt it will, seeing the FA’s willingness to back the ref on a marquee occasion like this. Ade’s card is another story, but would the FA have the guts to rescind it and not rescind Mikel’s?

And why does Eboue not get a post-match booking? His whack on Bridge (light or not) was a yellow-card offense, so technically he should be booked. A charge of violent conduct – which is laughable as it is the same charge Ben Thatcher got – does nothing.

Update: Appeals by Adebayour and Mikel have been rejected by the FA.

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