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How can Everton improve this summer?



As part of our 2006/2007 Premiership season-end review, here’s a look at how Everton’s season went. Read up, then offer your own ‘expert’ advice on how Everton can improve this summer.

  1. Pre-season expectations: Andy Johnson’s signing meant that Everton were expected to reach, and aiming for, a UEFA cup spot this season.
  2. Season evaluation: Everton did quite well, with a respectable goal difference (compared to Tottenham and Bolton) attributed to their miserly defense. They could have done better, but 6th place and another crack at Europe will do a lot of good for Everton.
  3. The Big Negative: There were times that Everton were accused of playing for draws – I don’t think that’s the case, but Everton DID have a problem in finishing games off, and that counted against them in several games that should have been won but were drawn or lost.
  4. The Big Positive: Defensive strength and consistency – and the fact that this Everton team wasn’t afraid to mix it up with the big four (the only other team that managed that was Tottenham, in my view).
  5. Summer Priority: Bring in new faces to prepare for the additional European matches next season.

Everton have done well under David Moyes and will be expected to build on their success in the last few years and do well in Europe.

Now it’s your turn: How do you think Everton can improve this summer?

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