Evaluating Manchester United’s Striker Situation

A quick roundup of the news surrounding Manchester United in the last couple of days.

Needless to say it’s been quiet since that day and despite the rumours linking United to strikers and player sales (including the ridiculous Smith and Rossi rumours), Manchester United are not as much in the spotlight as Liverpool, Arsenal and Newcastle.

It’s quiet on the transfer front (relatively) and we like it that way.

Here’s what’s been happening in the last couple of days:

A discussion on how we should take a break from football news turns into how Manchester United will accommodate Rossi and Anderson – make sure you read the comments for this post.

5 reasons why Tevez needs United – yes, it’s blinkered and biased but what did you expect?

There’s talk of sending Dong away on loan to Sunderland to give him Prem experience and also how he might be United’s answer to our (slight) aerial threat problems up front. Much as I love Keano and Manchester United I can’t see Sunderland turning into the training grounds for Manchester United’s reserves.

Apart from these articles from redrants.com, I also wanted to touch upon a few rumours surrounding Manchester United.

One, we’re not a selling club and as such Rossi will not go unless there’s a big problem – i.e. Fergie thinks he’s not good enough to play for United right now. David Jones left because United were bringing in Hargreaves and Fletcher was being given a run. If Smith stays then Rossi will get fewer chances and he might leave for his career. On the other hand Smith wants to play football as well, so he’ll be evaluating his chances.

My view is that Smith will leave and and Rossi will stay, and if Boro are offering 6M we should bite their hands off before they rethink. Or we could send Smith to Man City.

Two, what’s this nonsense about United needing a striker? I’m sorry but last time I checked we have Rooney, Saha, Smith, Rossi, Ole and Dong on the books. Plus we have Ronaldo, Nani and Anderson.

Assuming that Smith leaves and Ole is crocked, we have 4 strikers and in Anderson we have a player fully capable of taking up striking duties.

Like last season, I don’t think United should move for a player unless the ‘right’ player becomes available.

who’s the perfect player for United? Klose’s off to Bayern and Ibrahimovic is stuck in Italy, so my bets are with Anelka, Berbatov, Huntelaar and Tevez. Berbatov isn’t moving this summer, Huntelaar is an unknown quantity (and could impede Rossi’s growth) and Tevez, while he could come to United in a deal similar to Mascherano’s, will hinder Rossi’s growth as well (unless Saha is thrown out too).

If Saha goes, Anelka should come in – age, experience and quality. If United are going to offload Saha AND Smith, then it’s Tevez for me (or Berbatov, but getting Berbatov will be difficult). Rossi has the quality to at least get a full season at United, so he shouldnt be sold.

In any case, we’ll get on this next week.

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