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EPL: Arsenal 2-1 Everton (1 Feb 2011)



Everton visited Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium which saw them take a lead at 24th minute when one of the linesmen were caught napping and Louis Saha broke through. After a strong protest by Arsenal and Cesc Fabregas, the linesman explained that to the referee he missed it and the referee decided to reward the goal.

Andrei Arshavin then brought score back to level when he evaded the offside trap to get to the end of Fabregas’ lobbed ball. Defender Laurent Koscielny finally headed home the winner around the 75th minute mark and gave Arsenal the win.

Arsenal 0-1 Everton

Saha, 24′

Arsenal 1-1 Everton

Arshavin, 70′

Arsenal 2-1 Everton

Koscielny, 75′