England Square Up Against Cocky T & T

It’s starting to look like a civilised version of WWE. One seemingly undeserving side with amazing potential gets hyped beyond belief, and every next opponent starts talking trash with the objective to raise their own spirits.

And like all pretenders, they end up falling to the side after being beaten. Nothing changes except for the opponents.

What England really need to be worried about is not the T & T trash-talk (who are fancying a win after their impressive performance against Sweden), but their own weaknesses. They can, and should, improve. Will Rooney play? I think he or Walcott will definitely get a runout. So should Hargreaves / Carrick and maybe Carragher as well.

This is a fairly short preview of the England vs Trinidad & Tobago matchup on Friday, for a reason: Nothing more needs to be said. England need to improve, and T & T need to play to their potential.

And if both do what they are supposed to do, England should rip T & T a new one in Nuremberg by dinner time.

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