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England: How To Win Our Support Back



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England’s World Cup was a shambles. It’s been spoken about far too much since, so I’m not going to keep flogging the already heavily incapacitated horse like everyone else seems to. Instead, I’m looking at the aftermath of what may as well have been a squad holiday for England to South Africa, with a few effortless kick-arounds thrown in.

As with every major international tournament, the disappointment in England follows. Then we kick off qualifying for the next tournament, start with a flying win and all faith is restored. And it’s the same this time – or is it?

A lot of England fans are (finally) wising up to the over-rated/under-performing group of players we have. Maybe a home win over a (let’s face it) weak side in Bulgaria might have been enough in the past, but now the frustration still remains. And why is that? Well, there are a variety of reasons England fans can duly despair.

Is it the fact that Capello only appears to act after the damage is done, when it’s too late, or even not at all? Or is it the lack of any real change, after the flash in the pan that was Jack Wilshere in a recent friendly.

In truth, all of those reasons are valid, but in all honesty, my frustration is the amount of tabloid scandals that hit our players.

Rooney becomes the latest footballer in a scandal

Think about it. First there was Rooney with the ‘Auld Slapper’, then Ashley Cole. Next it was Steven Gerrard’s court case, then John Terry and Wayne Bridge, followed by Ashley Cole again… and now Wayne Rooney – again. Besides the distinct difference in skill on the pitch, is that the difference between us and a side like Spain?

You don’t hear of Xavi sleeping with prostitutes, or Iniesta sleeping with David Villa’s partner, do you?

This latest scandal is exactly that; the latest. It seems strange (to say the least) that this sort of thing is happening so regularly, without any real action taken to try and prevent it. I could sit here and witter on about how they are supposed to be role models and are letting their own images down, but we all know the majority of footballers aren’t really true role models to anyone anymore.

And so, as I revert back to my headline, how can they win our support back? Or even, can they win our support back? I guess the only way they can truly bring the fans back round, to their adoring ways, is by qualifying for the Euro’s… and then getting to the final, or winning it. Do that and this World Cup will be forgotten, along with everything else.

Maybe I’m taking an overly-negative view, in light of the state of our team.. but can you really see that happening?

THAT win in Zagreb seems all too long ago...

Yes, we were convincing tonight in Berne. But we were convincing two years ago, in Zagreb. We won all but one of our games in the whole campaign and scored the most goals out of any other side which qualified; including Spain, Brazil and Holland. But remember, fantastic qualifiers are worthless if you can’t turn up at major tournaments. I don’t know about you, but if Capello’s going to win back my support he needs to ensure we can.