Elon Musk Twitter Odds: 37% Chance That Musk Sells Social Media Platform

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Elon Musk and his acquisition of Twitter were two of the biggest headline grabbers of the year in 2022. The richest man in the world and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Musk had long been interested in buying Twitter, claiming that his penchant for freedom of speech and the platform’s lack thereof was something he wanted to fix.

He made it so last year when he purchased the entire entity. Starting by purchasing individual shares, Musk eventually worked his way to owning 9.2 percent of the company through his stake holding alone. But in April, he made a bid to buy Twitter outright, offering $43 billion to take over 100 percent of Twitter’s stock, coming in at $54.20 per share.

Elon Musk Twitter Odds: 37% Chance That Musk Sells Social Media Platform

It hasn’t exactly been a match made in Heaven. The product itself has suffered, with users complaining about new features or useful ones that were taken away. The company suffered massive layoffs when Musk took over the reins, and many of the controversial people and extremists that Twitter banned were making a comeback under the umbrella of free speech. There are advertisements everywhere, including the comment sections, and there is of course paying $7.99 a month to become a verified account.

Musk’s pockets suffered, as well. He took loans out against his Tesla stock, and the company’s stock market value dropped by over $100 billion the very next day.

The gambling outlets have taken note of the turmoil and have released odds on whether Musk will sell the company by December 31st or not. Via BetOnline.ag, betting “No” on him stepping down will get you odds of -250, a heavy favorite. Oppositely, the wager that he will indeed sell sits at +170.

Will Musk Sell Twitter Odds Play
No -250 BetOnline logo
Yes +170 BetOnline logo


More Musk Twitter Odds: Will He Be Charged Or Fined By The SEC?

There have been people who have opposed Elon Musk’s acquisition from the very beginning, and he even posted a poll on his Twitter account, asking people if he should step down as the CEO of the company. 57.5 percent of the results came back with a “yes”, and Musk then said that he would resign “as soon as I find someone foolish enough to take this job”.

There are also odds on whether the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will charge or fine Musk in 2023. He has been sued by the SEC previously in the past, and his “shoot from the hip” style of posting on his personal outlet gives it a good chance of happening again.

Both “Yes” and “No” on the SEC fine/charge bet come in at -120.

Musk Charged/Fined By SEC Odds Play
Yes -120 BetOnline logo
No -120 BetOnline logo


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