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PHOTO + VIDEO: Manchester United chief – “Oh you f***ing waste of money”



First, take a look at the video (courtesy @Matty Woodward). What is Manchester United chief Ed Woodward saying here?

Manchester United suffered yet another frustrating night away from home, as they managed a 2-2 draw against West Brom at The Hawthorns. The first half was more frustrating, as United failed to make good use of their possession and bundles of half-chances they created.


Visibly frustrated, Manchester United chief executive vice-president Woodward couldn’t hide his emotions. If the claims are correct from those who can read lips, Woordward has said words to the effect of “Oh you f***ing waste of money”. 

But, we don’t know yet, who is he talking about? Is it directed towards Robin van Persie who missed several good chances? Rojo? Shaw? Certainly, not Fellaini…

Meanwhile, Manchester United courtesy of this draw have slipped to sixth place with 12 points, one point and place behind Liverpool.