Eboue – born to frustrate Arsenal fans

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I have a feeling that Emmanuel Eboue must have been put on this Earth just to frustrate Arsenal fans. The Ivorian showed a little promise when he first arrived as a solid full back, but he never hit the high standards that were expected of him.

In my opinion he is a far better right back than right midfielder, but Arsene Wenger clearly had a plan of moving him higher up the pitch when, not trusting Eboue’s defensive instincts, he signed current right back Bacary Sagna.

After his shenanigans against Tottenham I have finally lost my patience with him. He has to go or at least sit in the reserves until he learns his lesson. Fair enough he started off very well making a couple of runs. Scoring a very debatable goal. But why o why did he have to get himself sent off?

The first yellow card had absolutely nothing to do with him in the first place. Foul by Sagna led to Eboue being booked. He is incapable of shutting his mouth. Even after he was booked he continued to argue with Mike Riley.

The second booking is one of the most stupid things I think I have ever witnessed in my life. Firstly he lashes out at Luka Modric then he decides to stand over him shouting for the Croatian to stand up.

If he had a brain, he would of at least run off pretending he didn’t do anything. Instead he decided to make a big scene, attracting attention, then pleading his innocence.

I know its a derby and emotions are running high but there is no need for an individual’s stupidity, to make the task even harder.

If Wenger had a full team to pick from, Eboue won’t get into the squad, let alone the first team. With Walcott, Rosicky and now Arshavin all warranting a place on the right of the midfield, Eboue has had his chance and well and truly blown it.

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