Don’t Expect Wenger to Start Splashing the Cash

Don't Expect Wenger to Start Splashing the Cash

Arsene Wenger has given a massive hint that Arsenal will continue to follow a policy of bring through youth players over spending millions via transfers.

Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis recently announced that the club was in a solid position to develop as one of football’s financial super powers over the next few years. This news was followed by the announcement that Arsenal will receive an extra £24 million per year via a new shirt sponsorship deal.

This all suggested that Arsenal would have millions in the bank to spend on players if they needed to but current boss Wenger has suggested the future lies with the youth players at the club and not players available in the transfer market.

“We have built a team where we have a lot of young English players, or British players like Gibbs, Chamberlain, Wilshere. We still have the case of Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey. You want them all on long-term contracts,” Wenger told Sky Sports.

This suggests that Arsenal will solidify their financial position internally so that they can afford to pay the best wages and offer the best bonuses when the big clubs from all over Europe come sniffing around their best young players.

It’s a refreshing take on the current transfer climate because Arsenal could easily afford to buy in the best young players from around the world but Wenger is confident enough in the Arsenal youth system to make these comments.

It also means that Arsenal will be able to plough cash back into their academy and youth teams to ensure that they have a system that rivals Barcelona’s over the next few years.

A constant supply line of gifted young players is a very good way for the club to ensure they are going to compete consistently for all trophies.

The only problem is that Arsenal fans have been very patient up to this point so Wenger’s comments could well frustrate many as rivals continue to spend cash and win silverware that fans will feel the Gunners should already be competing for.

Step one has been completed in terms of Arsenal’s financial future, the next step is making sure no more key players leave and the third is creating the best youth academy in the world.

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